Kids Love Acid! A Look Into The New Kid's Series, 'Uncle Grandpa' (Video)

by Lauren Martin

Is it just me or are the television shows kids watch these days extremely f*cked up?

I don't mean f*cked up in the way your mom is at the local PTA meeting, but f*cked up like everyone is ripping salvia bongs and taking some acid tabs before work. I recently came across a commercial for Cartoon Network's new series "Uncle Grandpa, " which only solidified this belief.

It is an old man wearing lederhosen, a fanny pack and a spin top. Oh, and creepy Michael Jackson gloves. What are the gloves for, Uncle Grandpa? And why do you only have one tooth? Aside from these insights into his appearance, here are some more reasons we think the creators of Uncle Grandpa are probably on acid:

"He's everyone's uncle and everyone's grandpa".... what the hell does that mean?

 He Looks Like A D*ck On Top Of The World

 There Is No Reason This Is Necessary

This Is His Winnebago

This Happens...

Photo's Courtesy Of YouTube