Dude Smokes Best Weed Ever, Bawls His Eyes Out

nikbistro2 on YouTube

When was the last time you saw a REALLY good stoner movie?

For me, I'd say the last one I saw was "The Night Before" starring Seth Rogen, Anthony Macki and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


However, I'm lying because the last rom-com stoner movie I saw is a minute-long YouTube video of some dude sobbing after smoking the best weed he's ever smoked.

A hilarious viral video of a man has been making its rounds on the internet and for a very good reason.

The video begins with some random dude already in tears. He looks like he either just got divorced, lost a friend or caught his girl cheating on him.

The man starts coughing as if he had just smoked the fattest blunt ever rolled. At this point, there's been no sign of weed anywhere... He's just crying A LOT.


For first time viewers, at this point of the clip, it's still quite unclear what the hell is going on.

All that is clear is that this man is either tragically heartbroken or very deeply in love.

I'm very happy to announce that it is the latter.

The sobbing man with a strategically-placed face tattoo is clearly in love... with a lady named Mary Jane!


Finally, he speaks, saying,

Thank god for my reefer man. That shit good. Every time my reefer man has some good weed when I come back that afternoon…

With giant tears still rolling down the sides of his face, he continues,

I wanna know what motherfuckin' deals he be getting. He needs to get more of this shit. This shit too good.

If marijuana companies advertised across mainstream media platforms, I'd highly (pun intended) recommend getting this guy to be the face of the ad campaign because I am completely SOLD.

Check out the hilarious clip above!

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