Wedding Photographer Ate It During A Shoot And The Shot Is Hilarious

By Meghan DeMaria

A wedding photographer took an unfortunate tumble while on location at a Mississippi wedding, but luckily, he still got the shot.

According to Daily Mail, Chase Richardson tripped while photographing the wedding party during a portrait session on a rainy day.

He still managed to hit the camera's shutter button during the fall, and the wedding party looked horrified as Richardson tumbled to the ground.

Kristina and Will Moore's wedding took place at the McClain Lodge in Brandon, Mississippi about a year ago, but since Jimmy Fallon shared the photo on "The Tonight Show" earlier this month, the photo of the bridal party went viral.

Richardson tweeted Fallon the photo with the hashtag #WeddingFail, explaining how he took the unfortunate photo.

The photographer told PetaPixel,

It had been raining all morning, so I ended up photographing the wedding party under this covered slab of concrete, basically... There were puddles everywhere, and when I took a step back to get ready for the photo, I just… slipped and fell. Pretty embarrassing.

While most of the wedding party appeared shocked and concerned for Richardson's safety, it looks like two bridesmaids couldn't help but smirk as the photographer hit the ground.

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