If You're Looking To Buy Used Underwear From A 'Model,' Craigslist Has You Covered

Craigslist is the Internet equivalent of a sketchy street market in basically any country in Southeastern Asia -- you might not see what you want right away, but there's probably a guy who will be able to get you what you want if you're patient.

For example, there isn't a "Used Women's Underwear" section next to apartment listings and postings for "highly competitive" jobs in insurance, but if you dig deep enough chances are you'll be able to find what you're looking for.

Selling game-worn panties is a lucrative business for women around the world, and the ads they post serve to provide a fascinating look into exactly what it takes to make it in the incredibly competitive world of used underwear sales.

A 21-year-old college student and aspiring model in Los Angeles -- a real rarity out there -- recently posted an ad selling pairs of underwear for $30 in the hopes that she'd be able to get enough money to feed her dog (a likely story).

Her pitch is compelling to say the least:

Considering some models can fetch hundreds of dollars per pair, $30 seems more than reasonable.

On a totally unrelated note: Does anyone know how much used men's underwear goes for (and will excessive holes add or subtract value)?

Photos Courtesy: Craigslist