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Virtual Reality Sex Blurs The Lines Of Cheating

It's 2017, the world is ending, and you have to worry about robots fucking your boyfriend.

Virtual reality sex is an erotic simulation provided through the use of virtual reality goggles.

The goggles allow you to interact with a webcam person live by getting a 360 view of their environment. They are even creating interactive suits and flesh lights to feel the other person's touch -- too real.

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This new technology has gotten a lot of  people to want to strap on a virtual reality headset and explore the 3D digital worlds of sex, but is it considered cheating?

I personally don't think virtual reality sex is considered cheating. I believe it only becomes cheating when your virtual reality becomes actual reality.

The line is crossed when you end up having more virtual sex than you are in your relationship or if you become emotionally attached.

I kid you not -- I heard a guy on a podcast talk about how he fell in love with a webcam girl and how it ultimately ruined his actual relationship. To women, this may sound surprising, but for men, it's not too hard to imagine.

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Ask a guy who his favorite porn star is, and I'm sure he could give you a top five instantaneously. Just like how us women crush over Ryan Gosling, men have their Riley Reid.

Cheating has always been subjective. Relationships range from totally open to abusively controlling. It's always best to communicate your definition of cheating to make your partner aware of what's going too far.

Many people, however, probably didn't foresee having to have this conversation. And while you waste time wondering if this should be considered cheating, I'm just going to sit back and wait for the "Black Mirror" episode.

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Gen Why is back to remind you to check on your boyfriend who's been playing "Call of Duty" in his room for three hours.

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