Guy Casually Breaks Down Into Splits Throughout All Of New York City (Video)

When you're so Vine famous, and you've been staging outrageous stunts for years, keeping things fresh and sassy AF is tough.

Logan Paul, on the other hand, knows sometimes the magic happens right at the corner of simple and strange.

Paul's latest effort, which garnered over 37 million views and counting on Facebook, is all spectacle, silliness and, inadvertently, a short tour of New York City.

Simplicity aside, 800 billion thumbs up for the acrobatics. I can't sit Indian-style, much less rip a full split.

SPLITTING NEW YORK (follow me on Instagram: @LoganPaul) Posted by Logan Paul on Saturday, August 29, 2015

Citations: Logan Paul randomly drops into the splits all over New York. Because lols. (Metro)