'Villains Holding Koalas' Is Exactly What It Sounds Like, And It's Fantastic (Photos)

I've often described Tumblr as "the landfill of the Internet": if you dig through the "trash" (mainly "Dr. Who" memes, screenshots of other Tumblr conversations and thousands of pictures of apartments you'll never be able to afford), occasionally you'll stumble upon some treasure.

Tumblr has an uncanny ability to create the kind of content that makes the viewer ask "Why does this exist?" and that is exactly what I thought to myself when I came across "Villains Holding Koalas." As is often the case, it's exactly what it sounds like: infamous villains from your favorite movies holding adorable koalas.

If you were expecting something else, I'd love to know what that was.

Is it better than Benedict Cumbercats? I think it might be, but I'll let you be the judge.

Here are some of the best:

"The power of Christ compels you... to be absolutely adorable!"

Only Voldemort could stay mad while holding a koala

Oh no! Run away/slowly climb a eucalyptus tree before it's too late!

More like "Sweet Dreams on Elm Street"

Here's Helena Bonham Carter in that movie where she plays a dark but quirky bad guy


Hopefully Ivan Drago doesn't have beef with Australia, too

This koala could be Count Rugen's evil sidekick. I advise you tread lightly.

Of course, no Tumblr would be complete without a "Twin Peaks" reference

This koala seems pretty chill. You might even say he's pretty "loki"... nailed it.



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