10 Times The UPS Guy Hid Someone's Package In The Worst Way Possible


I can't overstate how nice it is to live in a world where I can have virtually anything delivered to my door just a couple of days after seeing it in a store somewhere and thinking, "I bet this is cheaper on Amazon."

I'd say 90 percent of the things I order arrive without any issues, but if I do run into any problems, they normally fall into the "Who The F*ck Thought That Was A Good Idea?" category.

For example, I once ordered a package from a business in Brooklyn to my apartment in Brooklyn. It somehow ended up in Michigan.

On the day it was due to arrive, I stayed in my apartment for the entire day before I discovered a package slip on my front door that said it wasn't delivered because I wasn't home. I lost a lot of faith in the world that day.

Speaking of a lack of faith in the world: Even if a package is delivered successfully, there's no guarantee a random passerby won't decide he has to see what's inside your box. (It's like Christmas, but for criminals every single day of the year.)

Thankfully, a lot of delivery guys know this, and many of them make an effort to hide your package from prying eyes. Unfortunately, some of them do a lot more harm than good.

Someone should really teach these guys how rugs work.

Most boxes can't pull off a toupee, but I respect this one for trying.

This actually isn't a terrible idea -- no one would be foolish enough to approach the highly-poisonous Rug Snake.

I can follow the logic here: Any reasonable criminal would assume the boxes are filled with green grass, and nobody wants to steal that.

At least it's not a rug.

That's a normal spot where normal people normally put rugs.

I'm convinced some of these people might just not understand how rugs work.

At least all of the rugs so far have been solid. This is like trying to hide from someone behind a chain link fence.

This is a good idea because tall people are easy to identify and, therefore, make terrible criminals. This is why I've never killed anyone.

This might have been OK if the UPS guy had done the opposite of what he did here.

The person should have just rolled the tube up in that rug. It still wouldn't have solved anything, but if you're going to go this route you might as well commit.