Uber Driver Gets His Unsuspecting Passengers To Dance To The Weeknd (Video)

This is a refreshing change from the awful chain of events that usually happens when you get in an Uber.

Usually, Uber is the Hail Mary toss when it comes to getting home after a night of drinking.

It’s 2 am, you can’t find a cab, you have work in the morning and the potential safety of your apartment bedroom suddenly outweighs the risks you take on by getting into a vehicle driven by someone with literally no accreditation.

Even getting the car to find you is a dopey experience.

You wait 10 minutes for the driver to get to your area and then spend another eight explaining where you are on the street. After that, you get into some oddly new and expensive Toyota, knowing full well you are about to pay $20 too much to get home.

Then, if you're like me, you spend the entire trip wishing there was some form of partition between you and the driver.

All that being said, this guy seems all right.

I’d feel comfortable in any situation where The Weeknd is blasting. Maybe Uber will bring on more drivers like him in the future. Probably not, but maybe.

Wait, who sits in the front seat with an Uber driver?  Why are they doing that in the video? Is that an option? It’s making me nervous. Make those people stop sitting in the front seat.