Twitter Account About Dogs In High School Is The Most Relatable Thing Ever


If you're cool at all as an adult, then high school was likely one of the worst times of your life. Puberty, braces, cliques and algebra tests can all converge into a hurricane of pure stress and awkwardness. We should all feel proud simply for surviving it.

Luckily, dogs are here to make it all better (don't they always??). The Twitter account Dogs in High School is just that -- portraits of characters you likely met in high school, as dogs. It's equal parts hilarious and adorable, which in my book, makes this Twitter account the perfect balance of the world's best things.

Keep scrolling for the funniest dogs you likely chilled with back in high school.

You know this guy because he's always "that guy."

She was totally in love with Clay Aiken in middle school, too.

Ugh, this sub was the worst.

But this teacher was THE BEST.

Admit it, you hid her hair ties just to watch her flip out.

But he also had great taste in movies somehow.

He has a billion-dollar tech company now.

But seriously, such a dreamboat.

She was the first adopter of Tumblr and has a bajillion followers now.


If it weren't for those notes, we'd all be screwed.

Look at cute little Carmelo!