Childhood Ruined: Tumblr Page Compiles The Best Dirty Jokes From Your Favorite Cartoons

by Connor Toole

Most cartoons are targeted at a younger audience but that doesn't mean the creators don't take into account the adults that might be tuning in.

Whether it's a parent watching television with his or her child or a guy lying on the couch after getting higher than he had anticipated, the grownups need to be entertained as well.

Writers and animators have addressed this problem by working in subtle (and not so subtle) jokes that would go over the heads of most children watching while tickling the funny bones of the grownups in the know. While you find the occasional cultural reference only meant to be appreciated by those in the know, the vast majority of these gags are of a sexual nature, much like the pun I just used.

A creatively titled Tumblr by the name of "Adult Humor in Cartoons" has begun to compile the best dirty jokes hidden in some of your favorite TV shows and movies.

Because it's Tumblr, many of these are half-second GIFs or 20-panel recaps of a scene that manage to be more frustrating than entertaining.

Because I care about you, I went through and compiled some of the best. Turns out that my childhood was less innocent than I ever realized:

Props to Dexter's dad on "Dexter's Laboratory"

Edd and Eddy sharing some male bonding time

"Don't touch yourself?" Someone might be enjoying those magazines a bit too much

"Johnny Bravo" presents the gift every guy thinks every woman wants

That's definitely not a "Playbill" parody

I doubt that this is an accident

"Ask me about my wiener!"

Patrick seems to be enjoying himself

Those are some weird balloons

Spongebob isn't the only one blowing things

The cut rates make sense considering the English translation is "mohel"

This would appear to be a reoccurring theme on "Rugrats"

But it's not the only thing

Helga does not mince her words

James from Team Rocket is not part of a vegan-friendly diet

But he is looking for love from someone

"Rocko's Modern Life" has a monopoly on innuendo

Subtlety is overrated

Except when you're sneaking things past the censors

After all that activity you'll need to see a special kind of doctor

Photos Courtesy: Tumblr