18 Photos That Prove Russian Mobsters Put Everyone Else's Tombstones To Shame

Mobsters have never been the kind of people to shy away from excess, and it's that kind of lifestyle that often leads them to leaving the world earlier than most people intend to.

You can find gangs obsessed with hard drugs, fast cars and exotic women all over the world. But the Russian mob has cornered the market on living life the way they want, all while making sure other people know how good they have it.

That attitude persists in life, and in death, meaning deceased mobsters demand the same amount of attention they garnered while alive.

As a result, Russian cemeteries are filled with some of the craziest tombstones you'll ever see.

An Imgur user compiled some of the craziest examples, and I've posted the best ones below so you can appreciate the sheer absurdity of some of these graves.

Russian mobsters love Mercedes Benz more than tracksuits and vodka combined.

It's the perfect way to add a hint of sophistication to your grave.

Etching is overrated.

So is granite.

Sometimes you get cut down in your prime and can only afford the "Mercedes" half.

BMW, while not the most popular, is a suitable alternative.

As are motorcycles.

This is in New Jersey (shocker), but it deserves some recognition.

There's also Daewoo, if that's what you're into.

I know this isn't a Prius, but I'm going to tell myself it is.

Not everyone is obsessed with cars. Some prefer thrones.

Modesty over everything.

Optimistic, even in the afterlife.

A bit of color can spice up even the drabbest stone.

Gravestones for women might not be as prolific, but they're certainly just as impressive.

He means business in life and in death.

That's how you make sure no one has trouble finding your grave.

Right back at you, man. Right back at you.

Bonus: This technically isn't a Russian mobster's funeral, but bedroom graves deserve a mention