Adorable 16-Month-Old Can Perfectly Crack An Egg While Baking (Video)

Cracking eggs is one of those things that looks deceptively easy but, in reality, is a freaking nightmare.

Maybe it's just my problem, but I seriously salute people who can crack a raw egg without ruining whatever it is they're cooking with little pieces of shell.

Perhaps, I -- and my fellow disastrous egg-crackers -- should take lessons from this 16-month-old baking prodigy.

For real, this little nugget is like the Mozart of chocolate chip cookies or something.

Her dad, Tony Quarella, gave her an egg to crack, "fully expecting to have a mess to clean up," he writes in the video's description.

He was even recording the event on his phone because a baby with an egg should be hilarious.

But no.

The baby cracked it perfectly, to the surprise of her father and the jealousy of yours truly.

See the chef-in-training do her thing up top. (Warning: Will inspire chocolate chip cookie craving).

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