'Tinder In Brooklyn' Proves Hipsters Are The Absolute Worst People Ever (Photos)


Dating as a 20-something is a bitch.

Dating as a 20-something in a big city is even harder. (Attempting to) date via Tinder in a big city? Basically hopeless.

A frustrated New Yorker named Lindsay decided to document the struggles of Tindering in Brooklyn and created a Tumblr dedicated to all the weirdos she encounters on the app.

Tinder in Brooklyn,” as it's appropriately named, features screenshots of the creepiest, funniest and straight-up weirdest Tinder profiles, along with some delightfully snarky commentary underneath each photo.

Somehow in her comments, Lindsay maintains a relatively positive attitude. She mocks the featured profiles without really getting mean -- truly a feat, as you'll soon see.

The blog is at once hilarious and painfully depressing -- I've never been so grateful for my boyfriend. How anyone navigates the bizarre world of Tinder without going crazy is beyond me.

Below, check out highlights (or lowlights, depending on how you look at it) of “Tinder in Brooklyn,” along with snippets of Lindsay's glorious captioning.

To all you single ladies out there who fearlessly persevere: Bravo and good luck.

"That is some Benjamin Button sh*t right there."

"Cheer the f*ck up Ben."

"Alex is living my dream."

"THIS, dear friends, is why I do what I do."

"You down for a threesome?"

"I would NOT let him tickle my Elmo, y'all."

"What. The actual f*ck. Is this."

"Horatio is basically me with a hangover."

"Alrighty then."


"I'm done."

"I plan to invite this fellow out to orange mocha frappuccinos."

"Did you dig my rape joke?"

"Oh for f*cks sake."

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