Instant Karma: Thief Gets Knocked Out By Brick He Threw At Car Window (Video)

Next time someone asks you to explain was karma is, don't even waste your breathe in an explanation. This video will do.

Somewhere in an obviously irony-filled town in Ireland, a suspected thief tried to smash a brick through a car, only to have the brick rebound off the window and knock him out.

Not only did the thief wind up unconscious, he tried to convince authorities he was the victim. The owner of the car told the,

When the Gardaí picked him up, he started claiming that I attacked him. He was still telling them that in the station when I came in with the footage of him getting knocked out by his own brick. You should have heard the garda laughing when they saw the video. They were in stitches.

Here's a lengthier version of the hilarious theft attempt:

Gerard Brady on YouTube

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