People Are Obsessed With The Most Random Twitter Account Ever

by Eitan Levine

We can all go home, Pakulu Papito is hands down the King of the Web.

@PakuluPapito1, a mysterious Twitter account either run by a complete genius or the most gloriously unaware person of all time, is slowly taking over the Internet.

Whether you're looking for a quick laugh or some inspiration when it comes to life's biggest questions, Pakulu has you covered.

Pakulu feels your pain.

Very hot but very single — Pakulu Papito (@PakuluPapito1) June 4, 2015

He gets the struggle.

I have abs….olutely nothing — Pakulu Papito (@PakuluPapito1) May 31, 2015

We've all been there. Except Icona Pop. Icona hasn't been there.

I crash camel into bridge I no care I lov it — Pakulu Papito (@PakuluPapito1) July 22, 2013

Why hasn't Amazon made this its default setting already?

When ur shopping online — Pakulu Papito (@PakuluPapito1) June 15, 2015

This is the most efficient way to cook an egg. Your foot is always with you, a pan and stove are not.

an erotic poem: legs so hot hot hot legs legs so hot u fry an egg — Pakulu Papito (@PakuluPapito1) May 28, 2015

Zayn or Pakulu? I don't know.

Girls always shout 'zain can I get a pic with u' cos I look like zain milak — Pakulu Papito (@PakuluPapito1) May 21, 2015

He gets us.

Relationship status: maybe one day — Pakulu Papito (@PakuluPapito1) May 15, 2015

This made me laugh an unacceptable amount.

I was cutie when I was 18 — Pakulu Papito (@PakuluPapito1) May 11, 2015

They look happy together.

Face time with bae — Pakulu Papito (@PakuluPapito1) May 9, 2015

Is that a four-year or six-year program?

Babe I have a PHD in being sexy as fuk — Pakulu Papito (@PakuluPapito1) May 8, 2015

Either way, we're with you on this one.

I want a bae......con and egg mcmuffin — Pakulu Papito (@PakuluPapito1) May 6, 2015

It's circular logic, but true.

u know u fat when u are fat — Pakulu Papito (@PakuluPapito1) April 3, 2015

These are significantly better lyrics than the original.

saturday night and we hittin the shower, dont beleev me just wash — Pakulu Papito (@PakuluPapito1) January 19, 2015

It's like a desert version of MTV's "True Life."

U know my camel, not my story — Pakulu Papito (@PakuluPapito1) November 12, 2014

Pakulu is a modern day Shakespeare.

sad stori: gerl: do u like me? Boy: no gerl: *cries* Boy: u didn't ask if i luv u gerl: do u luv me Boy: no rt if u cry — Pakulu Papito (@PakuluPapito1) November 10, 2014

Pakulu is a bit of a mystery online. Not much is known about him except his Twitter bio says he owns a gas station and in 2013 he left an absurd description of his name on Urban Dictionary.

Pakulu's popularity functions purely on his content alone. He amassed over 116,000 followers without actually following anybody back.

He's never retweeted any of his fans and has only favorited one of his own tweets. It's like the more he ignores his fans, the more they follow him.

Pakulo Papito is gonna run the world — Haseeb (@Seebworld) June 16, 2015
Pakulo papito is the trend — Yi En Chan (@YiEnChan96) June 15, 2015
pakulo papito is meh bae — elysa.,, (@SPARKLINGH0RAN) May 28, 2015

We can all try our hardest, but Pakulu Papito is the most uniquely entertaining and beloved enigma on the Web.

Also, Melissa Joan Hart follows him on Twitter, so, yeah.