The 20 Things You Really Can't Do When You're High

by Julian Sonny

For most stoners, smoking weed is never an issue. They are a resilient bunch who can pretty much adapt to any situation, event or circumstance they are in. Even if they are baked out of their minds.

However, that's not to say that there aren't certain times where being high doesn't give you the competitive advantage.

In fact, there's a handful of things no stoner should walk into while blazed. From high stress situations, to remembering what the f*ck you were doing, life isn't always easy after you smoke a bleezy.

Avoid the bullsh*t and don't let anything stupid kill your high. Enjoy your buzz with no interruptions, stress or heartache. Be the best stoner you can be! These are the 20 things you really can't do when you're high.

Lie to your mother

Crunch any kind of numbers

Refuse a donut

Remember what you were just laughing about

Merge into traffic without sh*tting bricks

Successfully start and finish an argument

Stay mad for more than 5 minutes

Not look like this in all of your pictures

Go 30 seconds without water

Remember what you just ate 5 minutes ago

Think about thinking about ideas

Go through Netflix without having anxiety (too many choices)

Remember what you're watching on TV when the commercials are on

Stay awake at the movies

Enter your church or temple

Hang out with your girlfriend's parents

Make eye contact with strangers

Stay on task for more than 10 minutes without getting sidetracked

Say no to another blunt

Get off Elite Daily...ever

Top Photo Credit: Tumblr