Woman Pranks People By Having Them Sign Hilarious 'Terms And Conditions' (Video)

by Stacey Leasca

How many times have you checked off "agree to terms and conditions" without reading said terms? The better question may be, have you ever read any terms and conditions before signing?

Many times, you're signing away any right to the content you share, including photos and videos, while allowing big companies to make huge profits off your work. Often, you're signing away your private data, addresses, friend's information or more. You're also usually signing away your right to ever take legal action against the company.

YouTuber Jena Kingsley wanted to prove just how quickly we will all sign away our information for the chance at gaining something for free. But, as the saying goes, you never get something for nothing.

Check out just how fast people will sign up to win a free iPad and the hilarious consequences that follow, in the video above.

Oh, and if you have time, watch the shockingly scary documentary "Terms And Conditions May Apply" on Netflix to learn a little more about what you're really signing away when you click the accept button.