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Teenagers Are Skipping 'The Awkward Phase,' And It's Freaking Me Out

It's time to travel back to a simpler time, when basic girls were spotted by their velour jumpsuits instead of hanging near avocado trees or Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

We're going back to a time when popularity was based on your number of Livestrong bracelets instead of Instagram likes. It's an era in which cell phones were razor-thin, and autocorrect wasn't necessary because you had your trusty T9.

It's period when your creativity was shown through away messages, not SnapStories. Before Facebook, there was MySpace, and if you were a true '90s kid, you didn't even have that because you weren't allowed to.

We can all agree there are some major differences between Generation-Y and the newer one forming.

While comparing these generations, it's clear there is an unjust experience this newer generation has seemed to entirely avoid: the awkward phase.

Although we've grown up and grown out of those phases, I think we can all agree the newer generation has had it a little too easy.

The awkward phase is a painful experience everyone has gone through, and it's pretty much the one thing we all have in common.

Want to bond with someone? This is the go-to topic for instant, light-hearted conversation.

Everyone can reminisce about the times when our definition of a contour kit was a Claire's eyeshadow palate. (If you were lucky, it would also come with shades of concealer that matched your bronzer.)

Lipstick wasn't in matte liquid form yet; it was the thing that was imprinted on your face during family parties.

And you'll definitely talk about your hair. Whether it was side-bangs, streaked highlights or some butterfly clip creation, we all experimented in weird ways with our hair.

But, the newer generation doesn't have this. They've grown up knowing how to perfectly highlight their faces and blow out their hair.

And not having an awkward phase isn't only unfair, but it's also hurting this generation. They need to go through it because we've all grown out of it and have come out stronger.

I think we can all agree that no matter what, we'll never look as bad as we did in middle school. After experiencing all of those tragic beauty and fashion decisions, we know we can only go up from there.

We're always improving, and our #TBTs are our personal transformations. This generation's #TBTs will just be cute and funny baby pictures.

We Millennials are constantly reminded of our parents' “good old days”. They reminisce about a time when things were simpler.

Sure there was discrimination, sexism and ton of prejudice, but you could get a haircut for only ¢5. Their decade had characteristics that made it unique.

Although our differences may not be nearly as apparent, our generation was defined by its own unique attributes as well. We know it was a simpler time because the internet connection was so slow, and we didn't even realize it.

With this new age of rapid technology and growth, decades are more like seasons.

How will this newer generation know how far they've come if they haven't even had a "simpler" life?

Although the awkward phase isn't fair, at least we were able to experience it.

It reminds us how much we've changed through the years, and it makes us realize how much more we can transform in the future. In a way, we should thank our awkward phase for helping us (well, forcing us) to understand who we are.

We all needed to have it, but thank God it's over.