Teen Gets Fired From Her New Job Over Twitter Before She Even Starts

I'm willing to bet there aren't many people out there who would prefer to keep working five days a week for the majority of their lives if there was a remotely feasible alternative that meant they didn't have to.

Sadly, the lottery isn't super reliable, and mysterious benefactors doling out inheritances really only exist in the movies, so we're forced to undergo the daily grind until we're in a place where we say, "Thank God it's Friday!" and actually mean it.

One girl hasn't reached this level of acceptance, and while awaiting her first day of work at a pizzeria, she made it clear she'd prefer to do basically anything else in a now-deleted tweet.

Luckily for Cella, the man who hired her for that job allegedly found the tweet and told her she wouldn't have to worry about coming in after all.

@Cellla_ And....no you don't start that FA job today! I just fired you! Good luck with your no money, no job life! — Robert waple (@Robertwaple) February 7, 2015

This news was met with great sadness, and by "great sadness," I mean "multiple crying emoji."

It should be noted that prior to this exchange, Waple's only other tweet was sent in 2009 and was a seemingly pointless string of letters.

However, after one of his workers narced, he was apparently inspired to log back in.

@ZHIIING nope it's me. One of my workers sent me a pic of her tweet. I haven't used my account for a long time, but I did today! — Robert waple (@Robertwaple) February 8, 2015

I guess the lesson here is the same exact lesson we've been trying to pound into people's heads since social media started: Don't do stupid things online unless you want to deal with the consequences.