10 Teachers Who Definitely Aren't As Cool As They Think They Are


As you've probably learned from every movie featuring an idealistic teacher with a job at an inner-city high school, it's impossible to do the job well if you can't find a way to genuinely relate to the students you're teaching.

High school teachers willingly sign up to deal with pupils who are in a period of their lives when the only thing more important than constant levels of apathy is the thought of someone maybe touching their genitals over their pants.

With that said, developing a connection with students can be slightly difficult.

In my experience, the best way to gain respect is to say "ass" or "sh*t" every once in a while or show a genuine appreciation for the music of Lil Wayne, but I'm not sure if those are still methods being employed by the current generation of teachers.

However, I do know there's been a disturbing rise in the number of educators recklessly incorporating ever-popular "memes" into their lessons and accidentally teaching their students more about cultural appropriation than a history book ever will.

Anybody else remember that whole "Damn, Daniel" thing? That was a weird time to be alive.

No one needed dis. Of all of the ways to approach World War II, this is probably the last option you should go with.

Hey! What did I just say? And to answer the question: He put his face on a building, so yes, he would post a selfie.

My brain hurt so much while reading this I might have a tumor now. This is grounds for dismissal.


I heard a rumor the English teachers at this school just don't get along with the members of the physics department for some reason.

I'm surprised the paper didn't burst into flames upon printing considering how much reading this made my eyes burn. You've been warned.

Burn it. Burn it all.

If you thought you were going to make it through this list without a hashtag inspired by a song the teacher probably heard six months too late, I'm very sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

This teacher might not have used the picture "correctly," but I think this might actually be an upgrade.