You Can Actually Have A Sleepover At This Taco Bell Thanks To Airbnb


Ever want to have diarrhea all night with a group of friends all staying in the same room? Then boy, oh boy do I have the Airbnb for you.

In honor of Taco Bell's newest monstrosity, the Steak Doubledilla, you can stay in one of the chain's locations in Chatham, Ontario.

Actually, I amarillo sad that I can't sign up because the digs look incredible.


OH, and did I mention the place comes with a Taco Bell butler? Because the place comes with a Taco Bell butler.

Is said Taco Bell butler actually just the franchise's former chihuahua mascots in a tux? I have zero clue, but I'm saying there's a 10 percent chance.

Unfortunately, you have to be a resident of Canada to apply, excluding Quebec. It's official: Taco Bell hates Quebec.

JK, this team up with Airbnb is for one night only on October 17, and you have to sign up by October 11 to enter.

Naturally, you have to write an essay answering this question:

Why do you want to take a SteakCation? Tell us why you think it would be awesome to spend the night at a Taco Bell.

So, get ready to make a five-paragraph argument about how much you love getting a Volcano Burrito when you're really drunk, or (if you're me) when it's a day that ends in "y."


Ha, more like a day that ends in "WHY GOD WHY AM I SO ALONE?" am I right?

Well, if you do win, congratulations. You'll find out by October 13, you lucky son of a gun.

On the Airbnb website, they only list five rules for staying the night, and fortunately none of them include not daring your bestie to eat four hot sauce packets.

• If sharing salsa, no double dipping your chips. • Eating Steak Doubledillas in bed is not only allowed, but encouraged. • Making that squeaking sound with your straw and cup lid is annoying. Quit it. • Don't feed the Taco Bell Butler. Wait, that's not very nice. We'll leave that up to you. • Live Más

So, you're saying if I eat Taco Bell every day, I'll live "más?" I'M ALL IN!

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