The Very Subtle But Clear Differences Between How Guys And Girls Poop (Video)

by Connor Toole

Postmodern social critics might not be huge fans of humor revolving around the differences between men and women, but there are certain things that the two sexes objectively approach with wildly different strategies.

No one is saying that either side does these things "better," just "different." Pooping is one of those things.

Stereotype time! When a guy poops, he will walk into the bathroom and groan loudly the entire time while reading something and holding a megaphone in between his legs for maximum sound saturation.

After walking out of the bathroom, he'll stand in front of the door yelling "You don't want to go in there!" through that megaphone until getting distracted by something with boobs.

When girls go to poop -- well I have no idea. That's not something I've ever experienced, and to be honest I think I'm okay with that. I assume this video has it right.