Stunt Driver Pretends She Can't Drive And Scares Blind Dates Sh*tless (Video)

by Gillian Fuller

Ford's latest commercial takes “speed dating” to a new level.

In the Valentine's Day-appropriate ad released last week, several single men are led to believe they've been set up on a blind date with a beautiful woman. Unbeknownst to them, their "date" is actually a professional stunt driver hired by Ford to prank the clueless bachelors.

The date begins with the pair meeting at a cafe. Soon, they leave to go somewhere else and the woman offers to drive. Her new Ford Mustang is parked just outside the shop.

As they climb into the car, the woman warns her date she's not used to working a stick shift but insists on driving anyway, making intentional mistakes along the way to support her claim.

Then, she pulls into an empty parking lot and proceeds to surprise each date with a crazy, stunt-filled thrill ride -- a literal speed date.

Watch the awesome ad up top, and if you enjoy it, check out Jeff Gordon's similar adrenaline-fueled prank.

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