Study High, Get High Grades: The Best Of Kids Smoking Weed In Class

Smoking weed before and after school was always a ritual for me. However, me and my homies were never bold enough to actually spark one up in class.

But that's not to say we haven't seen our fair share of kids actually burning inside of the school. There's always that one brave soul who's stupid enough to risk it, not even to get high, but to just do it for the thrill.

Okay, they probably got super high too. When you're that young, anything gets you smacked! Damn I miss those days.

Some of these daring students have even documented their wild attempts with classmates watching from a distance as they toke on some smoke. The risk probably doesn't outweigh the reward, but when you're that dumb, of course it sounds like a good idea!

They say when you study high, you get high grades. Just kidding, no one says that. If you can get away with blowing trees in class, then clearly you don't even need to be there. You're probably smarter than the teachers. These are the best of kids smoking their piff in class.

She ain't worried about nothing!

Homie is smoking a pencil!

Of course this kid pulled the race card.

It doesn't help that you're wearing a massive marijuana leaf on your shirt.

Smoking out of a Sprite bottle is always a classic.

At least this guy tries to be discreet about it.

The Hallway Bomber.

At least this dude was smart and got himself a G-Pen.

Just listen to this poor kid's story...

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr