Student Slams Cheating Classmate For Being 'Manwhore' In Hilarious Letter

All right, Payton, enough is e-goddamn-nough.

An angry note discovered in a classroom by a teacher and posted to Imgur by the teacher's brother's friend (it's a WHOLE thing) finally told the world what a scumtruck Payton really is.

The author and Payton's mortal enemy, Muffin Top, wrote the letter to say what's on everyone's mind: Payton is a "manwhore" addicted to "the weed."

Payton, you can keep injecting weed blunts and charming the ladies, but one day, your deeds are going to catch up with you.

Use your relationship with String Bean as a chance to prove you're a GOOD (middle school-aged, presumably) man who RESPECTS women.

Stop philandering. Stop drugging. Stop incest-ing on your cousin.

Be the person Muffin Top, Kenzie, Sierra and Felicity don't believe you can be.

Apologize to the 50 hearts you broke and quit the game, playa, or high school's going to be a bitch.

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