Someone Made This Collage Of Donald Trump Entirely Out Of D*ck Pics

We can all agree Donald Trump may or may not be a blobfish someone accidentally dropped a wad of cotton candy on, which then wandered onto reality TV and was the butt of America's hair-based jokes for decades.

What is less certain is whether or not this country seriously thinks the billionaire has a chance of being the next president.

Tumblr user HomoPower decided to painstakingly craft an honest mosaic of the presidential hopeful out of dick pics.

homopower on Tumblr

Of the collage, HomoPower explained,

Someone once made a photo mosaic pic of conservative republican politician Rick Santorum using porn images.  I thought I'd go one better, in lieu of SNL letting him host last night.  I give you a pic showing what Donald Trump is really made of.  This is a high-resolution photo mosaic of Trump made with 500 dick pics.

Dick portraiture is the sincerest form of political expression and, in this specific instance, feels therapeutic.

A penis face in the truest sense, Trump finally has the perfect work of art to hang above his bed.

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