Student Snapchats Teacher Getting Shut Down While Hitting On Coworker (Photos)

Let's be real for a hot sec; there are very few things that hurt more than getting rejected.

You build yourself up for days and, probably at some point, imagine your life together with the person you are crushing on -- that perfect person you will raise a family with and buy your first house with.

Sure, you may fight sometimes, but at the end of the day, love conquers all, and you work it out with a cute inside joke and a kiss on the forehead.

Yup, your life together with that person looks pretty good, doesn't it?

Then you actually ask that person out, and he or she is all like,

Eff no. You crazy.

Heartbreaking. It's the worst. Funerals are easier to attend than breakups.

That feeling is multiplied by infinity when it is in front of people you know and then doubled if that rejection takes place among people who are supposed to look up to you as a superior.

I once watched the head lifeguard at camp get rejected by another counselor in front of the other lifeguards, and then, the lifeguard was forced to resign the next week because you can't maintain order around the pool if everyone calls you “Strike Zone” -- an amazing/brutal nickname I may or may not have started -- whenever you start talking.

That's why I feel awful for this teacher who had one of his students Snapchat his EPIC swing-and-a-miss at another woman in the classroom.


Mr. T is all in with those puppy eyes.

Oh, no. I pity the T.

Someone tell T about all the other fish in the sea.

Not-Mrs. T is doing 100 percent fine by the way.

Non-stop student-on-teacher bullying sent to the T.

The whole room is feelin' it with Mr. T.

Get back on the horse, T.

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