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Did You Notice This Hilarious Connection Between Smash Mouth And Guy Fieri?

I interrupt whatever boring, unimportant thing you were doing to tell you something REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT.

We all have been living our lives on this planet totally overlooking a crucial connection between the guy who told us we were all-stars and the guy who told us we can put beer on a burger.

I don't know how we missed it all these years, honestly. This is so vital.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to inform you STEVE HARWELL FROM SMASH MOUTH AND GUY FIERI HAVE OPPOSITE BEARDS!!!!!


deathtripz on Tumblr

As this blessed soul, Aarón, from Facebook says,

If they kiss the beard will be completed lol.

OK, in the spirit of TOTAL HONESTY, the center strip of Guy Fieri's beard is actually dyed blonde, not shaved off.

But, STILL. That little blonde strip is the perfect landing spot for the little caterpillar Steve Harwell from Smash Mouth has going on.

Steve and Guy Fieri must kiss and complete the beard. THEY MUST. And if their combined beard is going to be really perfect, it would have to be a full-on, upside-down Spider-Man smooch.

So, you guys see the gravity of this situation now, right?

Truly, these white men with their weird-ass facial hair decisions gave me so much life today. I hope it is as obvious to you as it is to me Steve from Smash Mouth and Guy Fieri are soul mates, destined to create the perfect beard together someday.

I never felt more passionate about anything in my life. My worldview changed. Help me make this kiss happen, dear readers. Let's get this cause trending. #CompleteTheBeard.