14 Small Changes That Would Ruin Your Favorite Disney Movies (Photos)

by Connor Toole

In the late 1920s, the Mouse Lobby paid Walt Disney an undisclosed sum to convince the general public that the tiny rodents were actually friendly, lovable creatures instead of the constantly-pooping home invaders they really are.

Soon after, a character named Mickey Mouse made his debut in a short film called "Steamboat Willie," and the name "Disney" quickly became synonymous with "movies parents put on to distract their kids when they need a break."

That's not meant as an insult -- there isn't a shortage of brightly colored virtual babysitters to pick from, but the reason Disney has been able to remain relevant for almost 90 years is that it has a knack for creating classics.

With that being said, it's amazing how one tiny change can alter the way you look at some of your favorite Disney films.

We're not saying these will "ruin your childhood," but there probably wouldn't be very many happy endings.


The circle of life.

Why do Disney movies never focus on the tiny woodland creatures that don't cheerfully coexist with people?

If you insist on being best friends with wild animals, it's only a matter of time until it comes back to bite you (and give you rabies).

Gaston might think books are useless, but magazines are another story entirely.

He reads it for the "articles."

The real reason Cinderella had to leave the ball at midnight is her shift at the strip club started at 1 am.

At least it probably would have been easier for the prince to track her down.

"We are Siamese... No, seriously. We share four vital organs."

It's kind of like "CatDog," but with just cats. CatCat. Don't ask how they poop.

Did you know that "Lilo & Stitch" was originally going to be the first animated film in the "Alien" franchise?

That might not be true, but that doesn't mean I can't create a Kickstarter to hopefully make it a reality.

Big waves and small tops don't really mix.

There's a reason most fashion designers don't construct a lot of clothing out of shells and seaweed.

Things were never the same after the incident in the lower shaft.

The real reason Sleepy was always so drowsy? An undetected methane buildup.

Let's forget about the horribly racist portrayal of Native Americans in "Peter Pan" and address the real issue: What exactly was in that peace pipe?

Hey, Wendy: He'll pass it when he's good and ready.

101 dalmatians are going to leave a bit of a mess.

The least realistic part of this movie is that the puppies are apparently house-trained, and I'm saying that in reference to a movie with talking dogs.

Speaking of poop: Tarzan was raised by apes. It's only natural he adopted some of their habits.

And one of those habits is throwing feces at everything and anything in reach.

Trix™ presents: "Alice In Wonderland," a nutritious part of a balanced breakfast.

Silly rabbit! Trix are for kids (and animals that can show up to important dates in a timely manner).

"Liar, liar, pants on fire" takes on an entirely new meaning when applied to "Pinocchio."

The good news? He won't have to worry about the strings once this is over. The bad news? It's because they are highly flammable.

We don't have to ruin "Bambi" because "Bambi" ruined itself.

We spent a while trying to think of ways to make "Bambi" more depressing, but it's hard to beat a crying fawn next to its dead mom in a pool of blood.