Woman Makes Clay BF After Getting Fed Up With People Asking Why She's Single

Are you single and tired of being asked when you'll get a boyfriend? Do you not really want a boyfriend? Do you like clay?

If you like where this is going, then this British artist may have the solution to your problems.

London-based Mary Stephenson makes boyfriends out of paint, paper and clay, and then poses with them for spoof couple Instagrams and Facebook posts.


Stephenson explained,

I was at a wedding three years ago, and someone asked me how long I'd been single for. And when I said, 'Three years,' he responded, 'What a waste.' I was blown away. I was completely baffled that anyone should think I'd wasted my time being single, It made me wonder what our expectations were for each other. Was it just to have an 'other half?' Well, if this is what I'm supposed to be doing, then I'll give it a try.

And so she did.


In true artistic fashion, she turned her struggle into art and breathed life into clay to make herself a life partner. Or rather, quite a few life partners.


Stephenson's 'My Man' series explores the pressures put on young people to find the perfect cookie-cutter relationship. By using clay models instead of men, the series points out most relationships that are documented on social media are similar and superficial, so much so that as long as the woman doesn't appear to be 'single,' the man she is with may as well be a wax figure.

Stephenson explained,

I don't think we're any more obsessed with romance today, but there's a huge pressure to be successful and happy very quickly.

She said the piece of art that inspired her the most for this project is Hans Holbein's "The Ambassadors."

Stephenson said,

I always felt like I could literally step into this picture. In my portraits I construct whole tableaux and narratives of my imagined life – the food and drink, the clothes, the furnishings the mood and the music
#Holbein «#Ambassadors»: 15 Little-Known Facts About the Unusual #Portrait - #Painting — Remliel (@RemlielMedia) September 25, 2016

Just as Holbein uses objects to reveal things about the men in the painting, Stephenson constructs a life around herself and her 'man' in her work.

And the best thing?

Once she's done with them, Mary leaves them in the studio and they never bother her again.

I think she might be onto something.

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