8 Single People Who Truly Made The Most Out Of Valentine's Day

by Connor Toole

I've been lucky enough to convince someone to overlook my many negative qualities in favor of my three positive ones. So, while I won't be experiencing Valentine's Day alone this year, I've had plenty of experience doing so in the past.

I'll never have the chance to endure the annual celebration of commercialization -- more commonly known as "the holiday season" -- as a Jewish person, but I imagine it's a fairly similar experience to being single in February.

This year, I'm thankful for Valentine's Day ads because without them, it would be really hard to remember my girlfriend is biologically predisposed to arousal via exposure to large bunches of flowers and shiny objects shaped like hearts.

However, these constant reminders of what romance truly is can be very depressing when you don't have anyone in your life who you can send an overpriced bouquet of roses.

Without that, it's impossible to get someone to have sex with you on Valentine's Day, a fact some people can have a hard time coping with.

That's not to say single people can't make their own fun on Valentine's Day. As the people below all prove, you don't have to spend three times what you'd usually pay for dinner on a normal night to have a good time.

Pictured: The Official Valentine's Day Survival Kit.

Everyone deals with loneliness in a unique way.

Who needs a girlfriend when you have man's best friend?

"We love each other, but she can be a little nuts sometimes!" (I'm not apologizing for that joke.)

This lucky guy got the entire Valentine's Day experience (minus one slightly notable detail at the end of the caption).

Much like florists and greeting card companies, male escorts know Valentine's Day is the most lucrative time of the year.


People have been making their own fun for decades.

If you can't find a woman using a series of poorly-edited classifieds in a local paper, why even bother trying anymore?