How To Spot The Signs You're A Basic Bro And Need Help Immediately (Video)

It's been a little less than a year since College Humor first diagnosed someone with  Basic Bitch Syndrome, the crippling disease affecting millions of girls who spend $14 on a kale salad to recover from a Soul Cycle workout they did wearing nothing but Lululemon.

From what science can tell, this particular strain only affects a fairly concentrated segment of the planet's female population, but that doesn't mean guys are immune from coming down with a similar illness.

For years, a number of people in the medical community have been trying to isolate the symptoms and causes of the male counterpart to this ailment, and based on this video, it looks like being a Basic Bro can be just as dangerous to your well-being.

Do you know any men who constantly retweet parody accounts, wear football jerseys in public places and rank Fireball among their favorite brands of whiskey?

If so, urge them to seek out help.

Remember: It's never too late to save someone from a life of basicness.