University Posts Photo Of Students Without Realizing There's A Giant Penis In It (Photo)

It's very important to be invested in physical fitness. Running is good for your strength and endurance, while group fitness builds a sense of community.

But there's such a thing as too much excitement about athleticism. An Imgur user posted an image allegedly from Rutgers University's Facebook page featuring a group of students posing after the RU Muddy mud run.

There's clearly an evident fifth member (pun intended) in the snapshot. Somehow, the eager Rutgers administrator posting the photo failed to notice it.

Imgur users wondered if it was, perhaps, a salami that the student had stored for a snack after the race. Others argued that the enormous bulge was just an air bubble caused by the runner's wet, muddy shorts.

Either way, this is a university-sponsored photo for the ages. Never forget muddy boner-gate 2014.

Photo Courtesy: Imgur