Russian Baby Has Insanely Evil Laugh That's Actually Adorable (Video)

A baby's laugh is like the auditory equivalent of a herd of unicorns prancing through a field of glitter underneath a rainbow sky -- usually.

But not this baby's.

This infant's laugh is reminiscent of Ursula's bellowing chuckle or perhaps Cruella de Vil's eerie cackle.

In other words, it is the sinister laugh of an evil villain, one who is plotting (as villains do) a scheme of disastrous proportions.


Do not let the child's innocent smile and chubby pink cheeks deceive you; this baby is slated for world domination. This baby will destroy you.

This video will soon be playing ominously from every television, computer and projector in the world (once the infant's global takeover is complete).

Familiarize yourself. Prepare yourself. Defend yourself.

Evil, thy name is Laughing Russian Baby.

(Disclaimer: This is actually the cutest f*cking thing I've ever seen. I hope this baby never stops laughing.)

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