Is Russell Brand Baked Or The Smartest Man Alive?

Is Russell Brand a genius or a babbling fool who's eaten too many cookies (No doubt, it could be both)? He had us wondering for a while there, until we realized anyone who marries Katy Perry couldn't possibly be the former. But this montage of the eccentric actor has given us pause to wonder if maybe he is a philosopher in disguise. What if Russel Brand is the smartest guy in the room? What if he's the man with all the answers? With clips of him talking about the human condition in public forums, playing against a song that should be played at Dumbledore's funeral, some people may just start calling him the new savior; he has the hair for it.

Some of his more profound statements that make us question his high state of mind include:

"One's reality is a result of your intention and attention." "Anything we're describing through science we're describing through the prism of the five limited senses." "I have daily access to unseen realms of power."

Check out his latest unbelievable TV interview.

H/T: Viral Viral Videos, Top Photo Courtesy Of: YouTube