People Freak The F*ck Out At This Crazy Robot Driver Drive-Thru Prank (Video)

by Eitan Levine

Something about a humanoid blank face with almost no discernible features or any emotional depth is oddly terrifying.

Before the robot uprising eventually happens (and it will, just ask my uncle who works at Best Buy), there will be a period of time where we will live with these creations.

And if technology keeps on progressing, they will likely even be able to interact with us on a social level.

They may try to be just like us by going to movies or feigning interest in hockey -- all in an attempt to deepen the artificial intelligence they were programmed with.

Then at some point, some person will accidentally shoot one, the robots will look at all humans as potential threats, an end-of-days war will begin and a complicated storyline involving going back in time to defeat the original robot in a Skynet facility will take place.

We laugh at this video now, but the day robots learn to order Big Macs from drive-thrus is the day the human extinction stopwatch starts counting down.

I would probably freak out as much as all of these drive-thru employees did if that thing came rolling up to my window.