Everything You Know Is Wrong: These 29 Mind-Blowing Facts About Toy Story Will Rewrite Your Childhood

There is absolutely no shame in admitting that you saw "Toy Story 3" in the theaters as a grown ass man or woman. It's the Pixar classic we grew up with, the series that will always hold a special place in our hearts. It's had such an effect that many of us associate a woody with our favorite cowboy action-hero figure before the idea of a male erection.

It's the reason we'd run back into our rooms as kids, so sure we'd catch our dolls and G.I Joes walking and talking. It's the reason we can't look at Mr. Potato Heads without assuming they have an attitude.

As with any Disney film, watching the movie with a mature mind brings a whole different experience. The jokes are different, the characters are deeper, and there's just so much more to pick up on. However, there's no way you picked up on everything.

As we've learned from the many subliminal messages and signs in our childhood Disney movies, there's a lot to miss in these seemingly innocent films. So to add to the list, here's a list of 29 things you never knew about "Toy Story."


H/T: Imgur, Top Photo Courtesy: Film School Rejects