24 Reasons You're The Tommy Pickles Of Your Group Of Friends

Not many things are promised in life, but whenever Tommy Pickles pulled out that screwdriver, you knew sh*t was truly about to go down.

Leadership was perfectly exemplified to all of us at an early age when the realest Rugrat of them all was out here solving problems and holding the team down in any situation.

Tommy was that dude: never flustered, very blankie and always down for that quick nap-nap. Even as a baby, TP was out of the sandbox and already thinking bigger picture... like more snacks.

That's not something Chuckie, Phil nor Lil could ever say they did.

If you're surrounding yourself with the right people, chances are there's a Tommy Pickles in your group. Maybe it's even you!

But if you had to ask yourself if you're the one, chances are, you ain't.

Being the Tommy Pickles of your squad isn't a choice. It's something you're born into.

That means you're ready to handle any adversity on the fly...

...and are willing to deal with things others won't.

Including some crazy girl trying to ruin your life!

A real leader always drives the team around in the Reptar...

Stays the most turnt up at the party...

Sometimes, a little too turnt up...

...and has no problem keeping it real with the homies.

But your team is always ready to ride if need be.

As a true Tommy Pickles, you're usually the flyest one in the group.

Not to mention, very confident in any mood.

At the same time, you're humble and down to earth.

But when it comes to other people's problems...

...let's just say, you've got your own sh*t figured out.

Being a Tommy Pickles means always seeing the big picture...

...and putting your friends before yourself.

That includes your dog...

Opening doors for others...

And even parting the seas to make sh*t happen.

Being a Tommy Pickles means being highly respected by OGs.

And having your priorities lined up right.

If you're a Tommy Pickles, then congratulations!

You pretty much figured out the key to life.

And you really ain't worried about these...