21 Reasons Waka Flocka Would Actually Be The Perfect President In 2016

Waka Flocka might be one ratchet dude, but he's also one of the deepest thinkers of our time.

He made his intentions clear when he tweeted this back in 2012:

I'm dead ass running for president in 2016. — Waka Flocka Flame (@WakaFlockabsm) November 7, 2012

It's been nearly four years since then, so many people might've forgotten, but this man was dead ass serious.

In a video with Rolling Stone, Waka officially announced his presidential candidacy promptly on 4/20, challenging Hillary and anyone else who wants to step up to his Brick Squad.

He also addressed some of the biggest issues, like the first thing he'd do in office and how he'd handle haters in Congress.

One thing is very clear: His answers were those of a forward thinker and true leader. Here are 21 more reasons Waka Flocka Flame should be our damn president.

Waka Flocka Flame is a man for the people.

He will always represent his country.

He's the type of president to have his mind on the bigger issues...

Like helping PETA with his ink...

...and helping preserve wildlife in the cities.

He will think at least twice before every decision.

And he won't be intimidated by other countries trying to pop off on us.

If sh*t gets crazy, he'll have no problem being aggressive.

Of course, Waka would immediately legalize weed as soon as he's in office.

That would begin to stimulate the economy and create new and exciting jobs.

Waka Flocka is actually more relatable than you'd think.

Not to mention, he's also very marketable.

We want a leader who will go hard in the paint...

A president who's going to be up at all hours scheming...

...and a man who knows how to speak to the people.

None of this will be going down in the White House.

Waka already has the First Lady on deck.

At the end of the day, Waka represents the common man.

He's a humble worker...

...with a vast knowledge of dead presidents.

And don't worry, he cleans up well in a suit.