Richard Jones

Cocky Raccoon Casually Takes A Ride On The Back Of An Alligator (Photo)

I used to watch reality shows about people preparing for doomsday who've stockpiled five years worth of food inside the bunker they've built 100 feet underground and I'd laugh at their paranoia. But now, I'm starting to think they might not be as crazy as I'd initially thought.

There aren't many things capable of striking fear into my heart, but this picture of a raccoon standing confidently on the back of an alligator drifting down a river in Florida is one of them.

The man who took the picture says the raccoon scurried onto the gator's back after encountering his son. And based on the image, he immediately began to dream up an undoubtedly evil and malicious plot to get his revenge.

This could only be the beginning. If the raccoons make it into the sewers of a major city, there's no telling what kind of army they could bring back with them to the surface.

Does Airbnb do fallout shelters?

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