Pranksters Trick One Of Their Own Into Thinking He Killed Someone (Video)

Thanks to the sheer abundance of blatantly staged stunts on the Internet, I fully admit I'm a Prank Video Conspiracy Theorist.

My dream is to one day make enough money to quit my job and set up a lab like in "CSI" where I can spend all day enhancing things.

Sadly, I'm still a few million dollars away from reaching my goals, so for now, I have to rely on fairly amateur techniques to assess a video's validity. I can't come to definitive conclusion for this one, but if you're a fan of a complex and compelling narrative, I'm sure you'll be entertained.

It's a thrilling tale filled with twists, emotions and accidental manslaughter. And it's the most "Inception"-like prank video I've ever come across. IS THE TOTEM STILL SPINNING???

We may never know.