This Adorable Cat Has A Permanent Surprised Face, And It's Hilarious (Photos)

There is no shortage of funny-looking felines on the Internet.

It’s kind of a global obsession to see who can spot the weirdest looking cat (Bub, I’m looking at you).

Meet Internet newcomer, Banye. Thanks to a dark patch of fur directly under its chin, this kitty constantly looks surprised.

The 11-year-old British shorthair from China is certainly a cutie, but the permanently shocked expression the kitty bears makes the cat just odd enough to be an Internet star.

Check out the many faces of the single expression of Banye below:

Banye's expression is only improved with clip art: Well, that's freakin' cute: Welp! Surprised kitten Banye: Banye's "WTF?" face: Surprised kitty collage: Banye, striking a pose: And there's that face!

H/T: Design Taxi