Dogs Look Like Enormous Creatures In These Perfectly Timed Photos

Photos of dogs looking comically large are my new favorite things.

Back in the day, humans were all about big dogs.

We had properties that needed to be guarded and long, lonely trips on the range we needed companionship for.

A big dog was the only thing we could expect to stick up for us when enemies were around and something we could care for at night that wouldn't attack us.

Then in the early 2000s, small dogs became hip, and all of a sudden, the less intimidating the dog was, the more in demand the breed became.

Paris Hilton used to be the patron saint of accessory dogs -- canines who are less for companionship and more there as a fashion statement -- but nobody has heard from Paris in a while. So now is the time to go back to the days of relying on big dogs to be our best friends.

Take a look at these perfectly timed pictures that make dogs seem larger than life, and feel free to head down to a shelter after to adopt the biggest pooch you can find.

Actually, before you do that, can someone check on Paris Hilton to see if she's OK? I really haven't heard from her lately, and now I'm kind of worried. Same goes for Nicole Richie.

I am a dog. Hear me roar.

All pray to sky dog.

Dog Kong.

Hang 10... feet tall.

Animal Planet meets "Baywatch."

Who's walking who?

This couple lives inside this dog.

"Hey, dog boyfriend... Watcha thinking about." "Food."

Hop along, not-little doggie.

Abominable Snow Dog.

Dog is sad about how large it is.

Example of the dog food chain.

This dog has the ability to eat that baby.

Honestly, I'd watch this movie.

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