These Regrettable Sexual Encounter Stories Will Make You Feel Better About Your Sex Life (Photos)

by Connor Toole

Sex is weird.

If romance movies are to be believed, it's an ethereal experience that makes all your problems melt away. As you very well know, romance movies are full of sh*t.

There's a reason sex has stuck around for as long as it has, and that reason is that it can be a pretty good time for everyone involved. It also may be due to the fact that it's vital to the survival of the human race, but that's an argument for a later time.

Unfortunately, sex isn't all fun and games. Being naked in the same room with someone doesn't make either of you impervious to embarrassment, and deciding to leave the other person out of the equation isn't enough to prevent you from being mortified.

People on Whisper shared their more regrettable sex stories, which will either make you feel better about yourself or say "That's not that bad." I apologize in advance if you fall into the second group.

Let he who is without regrettable masturbatory moment cast the first stone

It's a threesome AND borderline bestiality all in one!

"It's like I'm walking on sunshine!"

I smell an excuse

This person might be the highest paid prostitute in history Millions of teenage boys want nothing more than for this to be true I've seen that movie (and all of its sequels) At least it was only the roof of her mouth and not... lower Freud would have loved this one This is a normal thing to do and her boyfriend is a very lucky person If God really hated pornography, he wouldn't have invented it in the first place I'm pretty sure this is what happened to a couple on "Teen Mom" Nostalgia! I think this is a more than reasonable conclusion Kind of weird, but it's probably better than the horse video It happens to the best of us (not really, but give me credit for trying) "Sexy" and "intimate" are certainly words you could use to describe this, but they wouldn't be my first choice

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