These Idiots Actually Believe The First Generation iPhone Is The New 6S (Video)

The upcoming iPhone 6S could be a peeled banana with two crooked nails shoved into either end, and customers would still line up for blocks and blocks to drop over half a grand on it when release day came.

To act in any way other than as members of the great capitalist United States would tear the very fabric of this country apart faster than Kim Davis thinks gay marriage will (I read the news!).

Though this theory needs no testing, Jimmy Kimmel is a social scientist who will not stop until he proves, once and for all, Americans are drunk-wasted on Apple hype.

On Thursday, Kimmel aired a segment on his show where a handful of people on the street tested out the iPhone 6S, only to unknowingly review the first generation iPhone.

Needless to say, everyone was psyched for the fresh, new upgrades.

That camera! That processor! The future is now!