People Are Sharing All Kinds Of Reasons It's Good To Have A Small D*ck

Nearly every boyfriend I've had brought up the concept of penis size and nonchalantly hinted at a comparison.

The truth is unless a guy's penis has some amazing standout trait -- like a fancy haircut, a badass tattoo of the “Sons of Anarchy” logo or a smile that lights up the room -- the margin for contrast is (according to my personal experience) slim.

One Reddit thread suggests, however, excessively small penises are very real and come with a long list of benefits.

Household accidents won't put your sex life on hold.

Getting aroused by an underwear ad on the side of the bus is pretty low risk.

You can toss that thing anywhere!

No, seriously, you can put it anywhere.

Choosing between your dick and a grilled cheese sandwich is a "Sophie's Choice" you'll never have to make.

You'll never contract Spotted Shaft Fever from bacteria on the bowl.

Cotton underwear doesn't own you.

You can use your money for important things like rent or a Slip'N Slide.

Fixing a snack of hot butter wang has never been easier.

Can't find a pen? No problem.

Comfort is easily attained by both the lazy and the active.

Your dick isn't going to generate a dangerous amount of wind power.

Compensatory behavior is not only acceptable but encouraged.

Ever wonder what was hiding in the mysterious mansion on the hill? Explore away!

Live free and treat the thirsty neighborhood biddies to a show.

Meta moments are achieved with minimal effort.

As for us ladies who find ourselves in contact with the male members from time to time, it's important to remember while the concept of penis size doesn't rattle around our brains all day, it does for many men.

Though women may be accepting of all different kinds of peen, it's important to be sensitive to the male ego.

Then again... maybe living life penis-free is the way to go.