Guy's Parents Discovered A Lip-Sync App And Won't Stop Sending Videos

Parents and technology don't always make the best match. Either your parents have no clue how to use a modern piece of technology or they use it as a means to mortify you.

This next story falls into the latter camp.

One guy's parents recently discovered the lip-syncing app Dubsmash and haven't stopped sending him videos of themselves lip syncing.

Sometimes, they lip sync to popular songs. Other times, they mouth along to famous lines from films and commercials.

Regardless, it's always embarrassing -- at least it probably is for this guy. But, that didn't stop him from posting the videos on YouTube for all the world to enjoy.

Check them out below.

His parents' version of that sad Sarah McLachlan commercial:

His dad belting opera:

His father abusing technology:

A little Shrek and Donkey action:

What lip-sync post would be complete without some "Pitch Perfect"?