'All Older White Men Should Die (But Not My Dad)' Is Gen-Y's Feminist Anthem


In case you haven't noticed, there's been a lot of vitriol toward old white guys swirling around.

And I would feel really bad for them if they didn't run the world, explain things to me that I already know while standing 2 inches from my face, paint God and Jesus in their OWN image or get away on sexual assault charges with three months of jail time.

I would feel terrible, if none of those things (or countless other things) weren't true about them.

Luckily, the band Free The Mind and their hilarious feminist anthem "All Older White Men" has given me the ability to laugh at the injustice of it all, instead of breaking out into public fits of rage.

From the album Men Will Fall, which also features soon-to-be classic songs such as "Women Are Perfect," "Feminist Citizens Arrest" and "Hillary Clinton//Fuck Cops," this feminist anthem is proof lead vocalist/stand-up comedian Marcia Belsky, along with her bandmate Isabel Martin, is leading a revolution.

Belsky is the same passionate feminist who started the controversial hashtag #killallmen a few years ago.

It was the hashtag to inspire a generation, and it was all part of a fake revolution in which women would take over the planet.

Having caught on quickly with other female comics, #killllmen immediately sparked outrage from — you guessed it — white men who felt left out of the joke, which was a not completely unforeseen consequence.

To men who have voiced the concern that her hashtag and her humor has taken feminism, even as a joke, too far, Belsky does not apologize.

In a statement to Elite Daily, she said,

If you don't like matriarchy as a joke, imagine how actual patriarchy might feel to a woman. I use clear sarcasm to make myself and other women (and men) laugh about the frustrations we feel. The everyday events that make us feel low. The people who make us feel powerless.

In a way, Belsky also wanted to fulfill the stereotype men held about the man-hating, screaming feminist.

She explained,

I figured, if they think feminism is just a bunch of women sitting around talking about hating men hoping they will die - why not just give them what they want. Show them what that would really look like. And if they don't like it then I say, 'learn to take a joke sweetheart.'

PREACH, WOMAN. You are a true matriarch.

Check out Free The Mind at Stand-Up with Planned Parenthood, a benefit performance with Ilana Glazer of "Broad City" November 30.