Old People Check Out Sex Toys 'For The First Time' And It's Too Funny (Video)

Deloor James is an interesting man, and I need to understand him.

In All Def Digital’s video “Old People Unboxing Sex Toys ‘For The First Time,’” Deloor James is one of five product unboxers, but he shines so brightly it's easy to forget anyone else appears in the segment.

Firstly, Deloor James is a man of complex style. He lets his clothes speak for him.

With a shirt that reads, “Keep on Puffin” and a purple bucket hat that reads, “HIGH AS F*CK,” Deloor James is clearly a man who cares about the protection of pelagic seabirds indigenous to the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Also, Deloor James likes to get high… as f*ck.

Deloor James is apparently married, but there are grey areas. At one point, while unboxing a replica of Lisa Ann's vagina, he mentions,

This is like grounds for divorce. If I get caught with this in my house, I’mma lose everything.

So, Mrs. James is anti-fake vagina toys but open to the idea of her husband faking orgasms online.

He does this twice. The first time is more theatrical, but the second may soon become a favorite among the no-nonsense crowd.

Throughout the video, Deloor James’ throwaway lines top sincere critiques from other contributors like Honest John the elderly hippie, honey-voiced dreamboat Myles Cranford and the clueless yet adorable duo Joyce and Rhonda.

Ultimately, the other panelists offer a few confused moments for the viewer to enjoy, but Deloor James will show you how a product works from a source you can trust.